Trust the Lord, wanting nothing

by Esther

The Spirit of God who guides us speaks to our spirit and gives understanding to our spirit of the mind of God, about us. (What God expects of us)

The Lord is testing me, to see what is in my heart: my desires.

The Lord has disciplined me in this area all throughout my life, so that I have learned not to want anything (not friends, not money, nor approval of men). And I understand to this day that satan deceives me through my desires to be happy… to be accepted…

Satan is delighted to grant us our heart’s deceitful desires, with a hefty price we shall surely pay for them. I struggled with the approval of people for period of time and The Lord purged my heart of this and continues to purify my heart by showing me the deceitfulness of desires – all desires. With joy I tell you that the opinions of people no longer move me and I am careful to guard my heart from wanting any thing.

My heart that knows its own bitterness has been trained (by God) not to desire any thing (be it good or evil) and is confident of this very thing: that The Lord is my Shepherd and I shall not want.

If my heart condemns me not, I shall have confidence when I stand before Him on that day, and with a good testimony to give.

God tries the hearts of His Elect to see if they are wholeheartedly serving Him, that He might separate the wheat from the chaff and set apart the holy for Himself.

Fear Him.

Trust the Lord, wanting nothing.