Always listening, always discerning The Shepherd’s voice to follow

by Esther

Jesus’ Sheep are good listeners. They listen out for His voice all the time. They are able to discern His voice apart from another’s voice. They recognise and know His voice when He speaks. So must we, if we want to do His will and follow Him, we must be familiar listeners of the still small voice of The Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Worldly voices come from the out side. Jesus’ voice speaks from the inner man – the inside. If we do not have an inner life spent with God, if our spirit knows not to be quiet, we cannot hear the voice of God. Be quiet and listen to the voice that comes from within still and small. It will sometimes be a deep silence and stillness when The Holy Spirit is not speaking. Listen at all times, and rest in the stillness of that voice, even when your body is busy doing work, let the inner man be listening. Let not the physical ears be distracted by voices which come from the world. We will be able to discern God’s voice from other voices when we have and walk in a holy fear of God.

Other voices stimulate your mind and draw your attention to earthly things but God’s voice speaks not to the mind but the spirit of man understands it as a stillness and a deep knowledge of spiritual things – His will for our lives.