Do not settle down here on earth

by Esther

Do not settle down. Do not get ‘comfortable’. Do not attach. To anything that is earthly. Be separate. Do not conform to the world.

For the world is not our home. We are but pilgrims and sojourners in this strange land.We have been called out of it so we can be citizens of the New Jeruslem and Mount Zion.

We are not of this world. We must not ‘settle down’ while we are here.

God will continue to shake the things which are shakeable in our lives.

He will destroy treasures that we have built up for ourselves on earth. Nothing on earth belongs to you in Heaven. You do not belong to yourself or to anyone, you belong to God.

We must be prepared to lose it all for The Kingdom. We must have considered the loss of all things.

We must not seek to save our lives. For if we do we will lose it.