Children that won’t grow up

by Esther

A short message on the importance of giving up our childish ways. I undertstand that there is a tendency to see ourselves as children when we are relating to God. Yes God is Our Father in Heaven and He calls us His children. But we must not see ourselves as children, if we want to grow up and be useful for His Kingdom. We must not expect to be treated as children, for God is not like earthly fathers who would spoil their children but He is faithful to chastise His children with the rod so that they may grow up to maturity and give up their childish ways. The cross in our lives will do this great work in us. We must not forget God is also The Judge of our lives, Our Master whom we serve and The King who rules over us. We must grow up to maturity (be like men) and begin to see ourselves as servants of God if we want to have victory over spiritual battles that come against them who wish to remain children in the eyes of the world. Children that refuse grow up in Christ will not bear fruit for Him and will eventually be cut off from The Vine (Christ).