Loving what He loves, hating what He hates

by Esther

An article I read inspired me to write this post on how it would be natural, for them who truly love The Lord, to want to be just like Him. We would want to know what He loves and also love the same things as He, and we will also know what He hates and also be hating those things…… God hates the very things that oppose His Character. God is Love and Goodness and Holiness and in the world we find that the things are opposite to His Nature. So God commands us not to love the world, or the love of Him is not in us. One who loves God would not be able to identify with the world and the things that are of it. They will be as repulsive to him as they are repulsive to The Holy God.

It is not about us. It was never about our interests or desires. We must have crucified our flesh to its passions and are walking the narrow road of self-denial, carrying our cross to follow Christ… to become like Him in our spirit.

We love because God loves… we hate because God hates…. or do we have our own preferences and prejudices?

God bless.