Desires that keep your spirit earthbound

by Esther

It is our desires that make us who we are. It is our desires that our minds identify with to give us a self – image and identity with the world. It is our worldly cares and desires that keep our spirits earthbound. But God wants our spirits free to be led by The Holy Spirit. God will purify us of all ungodly desires but we must surrender them and our will to Him. This means emptying ourselves of all wants. What our minds think that we want and need are not from God. They are from the world, the false image of self. We must live as spiritual beings and not as carnal flesh, seeking to satisfy needs and wants of earthly lives. We cannot ‘come up higher’ to the Higher Place that The Holy Spirit wants us to lead us to to when we are yet earthbound by deceitful desires.

God knows what is in our hearts, better than we. God will give grace to them who desire His will to do it. God will bring them to a place where they have no lack for anything and that they shall not want any good thing. We attract the very things that we seek after, the situations that arise in our lives are the result of what we harbour in our hearts, when we do not reserve our hearts for God alone. We must be emptied of all desires and worldly habits. We must be in the full maintenance of God’s Spirit alone, and find our spirits fully sufficient in Him alone. Only then our spirits can be free to serve Him.

The world seeks gain but they will eventually lose all even their souls. God’s people must be willing to lose all in order to gain The Kingdom.