Yield to be broken

by Esther

When God shows us our faults, we must not be discouraged or feel condemned or guilty but humble ourselves and look to Jesus to acknowledge that truly without Jesus, we can do nothing on our own. The unbroken areas of our lives are the areas in which our flesh is strong, they must be broken for God in order to be blessed and be made a blessing to others. The areas in which our flesh is strong is the areas in which we are tempted to trust/depend on and have pride. These will continually strive with our spirit and God’s Holy Spirit, in the work of sanctification. We must yield in all areas to be broken and totally depend on God’s Help and Grace and Providence. God resists the proud but gives grace to the humble so we must never be wise in our own conceits at any time. God will bring down the high-minded ones and exalt the humble. Because only the humble look to Him and glorifies Him…….unless we be humble as a little child, we will not enter into The Kingdom. Think on the meekness and lowliness of Our Lord Jesus.

We are humbled by His Love… or are we exalted ?