Power to say ‘No’ so say it with faith

by Esther

The power God gave to say ‘NO’ to Satan (temptations) is in and through Jesus Christ.

Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Keep crying out to God and use the power God has given you to say ‘NO!’ to Satan in your mind and in spirit.

Wake up saying ‘No’ to Satan and ‘Yes’ to God. Go to bed saying ‘No’ to Satan and ‘Yes’ to Jesus.

You may not specifically know what you are supposed to do but you know this, that you are to turn away from evil and turn to Jesus to do good.

If you understand this, practice it in your spirit and mind.

God will not allow you to be tempted above and beyond what you are able to (by His Help) to find an escape from them.
But God does want our willingness and wholeheartedness in saying ‘No!’ to them (Satan). Use your will at all times to resist the devil.