Jesus My Friend

by Esther

I write this post for Jesus, who is My Friend. Last evening, I prayed to Jesus. I normally prayed to God The Father. But last evening I prayed to Jesus, in Jesus Name. I prayed to see His Face. Not physically, but in spirit. I prayed to be able to see He is with Me right before my eyes, that my eyes would not behold any thing else before Jesus’ Face. This morning, Jesus revealed to me, giving me flashbacks of many past experiences, showing me His Face was before me, in each one of them, but sometimes I saw Him and other times I did not. But He was there with me. His Face was looking at me, the way He looked at Peter when Peter denied Him thrice. I wept bitterly, also am comforted by His comfort. He was My Friend. He is My Friend, The Friend who was always there beside me but I had other things and other friends for company. When I was rejected, I saw His Face. When I was feeling alone, I saw His Face. When I was sad, it was when His Nearness was so real to me. Only because when I was down, I sought His Face. Jesus is real to Me. Jesus knows me. I never knew it so surely before today. I pray all you will also seek His Face. And forsaking all else only will you find Him. Jesus is the way to the Father God. Knowing God does not mean you know Jesus. But if you know Jesus, you will know God The Father.