Seek and ye shall find

by Esther

The Lord tells me many times in my spirit that I must stay detached while serving Him. His Word to me has always prevented me from stumbling into the will of Satan. Even as in God’s will, I have to serve them who are held captive to do Satan’s will. How do I stay clean (separated unto God)? I maintain detachment ? What does this mean ? It means that I do not think about outcomes but only in that moment, what God wants me to do, I be sure of that and I just do it. I have emptied myself of my own understanding of people. I have found it very hard to discern His will when I trust in my own understanding. I cannot do His will when I have my own will and understanding of things? God has been speaking to me about this thoroughly, He is telling me that everyone is operating under His control, and indirectly, the lost are operating under Satan’s control. If we want to help people, we must first be emptied of our own ways of helping them (attachment) and discern His will to do it and because His Kingdom to come is what we must seek. When we are detached in service, we cannot be shaken by outcomes – when we suffer we praise Jesus, when we overcome we praise Jesus, we look not on the outcome. We simply obey and follow Jesus’ instructions, have stopped operating according to what can be seen and heard with physical eyes and ears but have died to fleshly senses. When we have entered into this realm of walking in the spirit, we will be able to pray through to the throne of God easily and we will know His Will and be empowered to do it. His Kingdom come! Blessed are the servants who do not trust in flesh! We must enter into Canaan’s Land praying unceasingly and praising Him gloriously.

Seek and ye shall find. God cannot be mocked. Whatever ye seek ye shall find it. If Jesus is whom ye seek, ye shall find Him and find life. If ye seek the things of this world, ye shall find the things of this world. This revelation has put a fear of God in me. Yes, we cannot lie to God. We must beware of what our hearts and spirits are seeking, for they are continually in seeking, we must make sure that The Kingdom is what seek that we have forsaken all that we might gain Christ – The Kingdom be revealed to us. If we have hidden agendas, God knows and Satan knows when we have a little darkness in us any where, he will enter therein to cause us to stumble. But know this is the will of God, that all shall know that God indeed cannot be mocked, His Word is not bound but will fulfill as it is written, judgements are upon all the earth and first upon Israel. Only because He wants to purify them for His use. Thank The Lord always, give thanks unto Jesus, for He has triumphed gloriously on the Cross of calvary and is our forerunner, that we may look unto Him when we stumble and pick ourselves up and continue on the narrow path, following Him. We cannot do this on our own, and people do hinder us as we are tempted to trust them, but we must stay detached and discern The Shepherd’s leading.

Seek and ye shall find. If God were to grant you all that your heart and spirit was seeking today, will you have confidence that it would be The Kingdom that you will reap and life or will it be corruption and vanity and wind?

Who shall ascend the holy hill? He who hath clean hands, and a pure heart and who have not lifted up his soul to vanity nor sworn deceitfully. He shall ascend to the holy hill of The Lord.

Praise YHWH, praise Jesus. Seek and ye shall find. Sow The Kingdom, reap life everlasting. God shall not be mocked. Praise Jesus because He is Lord and Saviour. All praises are due Him.