Follow The Shepherd and not other sheep

by Esther

We must be satisfied with Jesus. Whether we have the opportunity of gathering with the true saints or not, Jesus must be our Head and we the follower. We must be all sufficient and fully content with His guidance and providence thus far. Jesus has a will and plan for each one of us but we will not know it from Him if we do not seek Him but go according to everything as laid out in the bible. We must be busy with Jesus in listening to Him moment by moment and doing what He tells us to do specifically each day. All that matters on the last day will be this: Will Jesus tell me that He knows me (I could be busy with all the work that I can do for Him and yet it may not mean that He knows me) and that I have done all that He had commanded me to do? Now this is not the same as doing everything that the bible has said that the early church had done. Jesus has a job for each one of us according to our calling in God. We must get to know Him personally and in our spirit to get familiar with His guidance. We must not step outside of God’s will for us if we want to abide in Jesus. We know that if God does not permit, our plans will only cause distress. We must be emptied of our selves (our will, desires and own understanding of what we must do) so that we can properly discern His will for us to do it. Only this will matter on that day: Am I led by The Shepherd’s voice or by my mind’s voices?
God bless you.