Looking unto Jesus

by Esther

Look no more at your self, nor to others. Have no confidence in the flesh. Has Christ died in vain for any? Ye were redeemed with the precious blood of the lamb of God. Has Christ left any as orphans? Ye were given The Holy Spirit to teach and guide and comfort you. Trust and judge neither in appearances nor by your own understanding. Ask and ye shall receive. Keep knocking on The Door, pray unceasingly to know The Truth. Go to Jesus emptied of all idols in heart, secret desires, unconfessed faults. Submit and surrender to seek His Face daily to do His Will. Be poor in spirit. Seek The Lord and His Presence to go before you to lead you, go on your knees, your face upon the dust on the earth. Tarry til ye are filled with His Spirit. Ye must have crucified all your passions. He is God, we are less than we dust. We are as grass that is here today and withereth tomorrow. God resists the proud and will not hear the prayers of the stiffnecked. Discern the spirits with a purified heart. Fix your eyes on Jesus Your Saviour and Lord. Behold His thorned brow, His nail-scarred hands and His pierced sides, His Body was broken, His Blood was shed, every precious drop that has been sprinkled on our hearts, is for our passover here on earth and to make our garments white as snow for for the day of the marriage supper. Looking unto Him, The Author and Finisher of our faith, who will keep us until the day of salvation. Jesus, The Way, The Truth and The Life. Love that laid down His life for all men. We must follow in the same example. We must humble ourselves before Him, willing to suffer with Him for The Kingdom that is to come. The Lord looked to no one but to The Father always, He entrusted Himself to no one because He knew all men, we must henceforth look not to one another but to Him. We serve all men with our eyes fixed on Jesus and not on any one else.

He heareth us when we pray according to His Will.

“Thy Will Be Done, Thy Kingdom Come and be it unto me according to Thy Will.”

Submitting and surrender is a blessed lifelong lesson of a sheep / lamb of Christ’s flock.

Seek and ye shall find. If we seek fellowship, God may grant us but it may not be His Perfect Will for our lives. King Hezekiah’s prayer is one example. God hath mercy and extended His life but the king esteemed his life over being with The Lord.

Doth God not know and supply our needs even when we do not pray for them ? Yes He does, He remains faithful as YHWH-Yireh. As Job, having faith in His Creator, endured afflictions and what seems to be silence from God, God was in and through all that was happening to Him. One thing we must do, die to self-will, be emptied of our cleverness is deciding for ourselves. Be as a child in humilty. Get to know Jesus and the ways of God in His dealing with your life. Unless our hearts becomes pure, we cannot discern nor desire what is that good and perfect will of God. Can it be God’s will to separate us and leave us alone that we may find no trust nor comfort in any one else that He may draw us and comfort us Himself, to teach us His ways are not our ways and thoughts are not our thoughts, yes He is indeed doing this wonderful work of drawing His Holy set apart people unto Himself in the last days when all around are snares and faithlessness and fear. Be careful what you seek for, pray always according to His Will. His Sheep stand secure in Him, they that hear His voice and obey shall have no lack of any good thing. The Shepherd know them that are His, each one by name (personally and intimately) and they hear His voice guiding them. They flee from the voice of strangers. Be ye separated. Be united in spirit with the spiritual zion, stop judging zion by their appearances. Unity of the faith is in spirit and not in the physical. In these days, it is much too dangerous for sheep to be counting on other sheep. They must have a strong and abiding relationship with Their Shepherd.
Praise Yahushuah