Grieve not The Holy Spirit

by Esther

Love is in The Truth (Christ). The Holy Spirit convicts us of sin in the love of Jesus – without condemnation. The Holy Spirit does not cover or hide our sins but He shows us so we can repent and ‘sin no more’. There is no forgiveness without repentance. No repentance without conviction of sin. If we would judge ourselves, we shall not be judged. The Holy Spirit speaks to us The Truth in Love (Christ). He comforts, He guides, He teaches but He also rebukes and chastises when we step outside of God’s will. Love must be according to The Truth. The love of God chastises His children with the rod of His discipline so that we can learn to fear Him and keep His commands. So that we know we are His sons. Judgement begins first in the house of God. The wise love reproof.

We must always be led by The Holy Spirit when ministering to others. We express Love that is in all Truth. Jesus was full of grace and truth. There must be both.

Phil, the Apostle Paul preached, warned and taught with the aim of presenting every man perfect in Christ Jesus, to be perfect even as our heavenly Father is perfect. How? Walk in the spirit in obedience to Jesus at every step. Only Jesus knows if we are His. His Spirit is our witness that we are His Body.

We must take heed not to grieve The Holy Spirit as He is our seal unto the day of our redemption. We do submit to Him in all things. We grieve Him when we use words without care. He is Holy and He dwells in our Temple. We must fear to speak against Him.

The Bridegroom is coming back for a pure and holy bride. Without holiness, no man shall see Him. Holiness is perfected in the fear of God. We must be be teachable and able to be corrected by The Holy Spirit in us, ask Him to show to us the beam that is in our eyes.