Fellowship in His sufferings

by Esther


In the world we will have tribulations. all that will do righteously will suffer unjustly. Know that you are not alone in your suffering. Your brethren in Christ are going through the same sufferings. If we suffer with Him, we will reign and rule with Him. Victory comes through the cross, and willingly carrying it. This means we do not even murmur in our hearts of our sufferings. When we do this daily, we walk as He walked and we will learn obedience to His Word and taste and see that The Lord is truly good – His lovingkindness is better than our lives. We all must go through the fiery furnace to be purified. Yield to The Holy Spirit. We must take patiently trials and overcome to receive what God has promised. These are precious lessons that will change us and make us more like Jesus. We must take our eyes off our pain and appropriate Christ’s pain and His suffering, the power of the cross is that when we take on His yoke, in exchange He takes and bears our load and burdens so that we do not feel the pain of it although we still suffer. Hallelujah for His power of the cross! Rejoice in your weakness even as Paul rejoiced, for it is in weaknesses that the strength of God is manifested. It is better to depend on God than to trust in strength of the flesh. As Randall formerly said, do not engage in thought realm but live by every word of God – it will set you free from mind control. The only truth is in Christ. His Way, His Life, His Person. If you love The Lord, believe only what He tells us, obey His Word and you will abide in His Love. His Love will heal you. Oh yes we must consider ourselves as losers in the world,that have counted all as lost and dung, so we can become winners of The Kingdom of God.