We overcome as He overcame

by Esther

When The Lord is all that you desire, you are free and the vicious cycle ends.

The issues of our lives are coming from within our hearts, the desires/needs which we have that can only be filled by God ie love, hope, trust, faith, comfort, approval, acceptance. We must no longer look to people to fill these needs but only to God. Problems arise when we put our faith in any thing or any one in place of God who is the only Faithful One. (we are accursed who put our trust in man instead of God) God will be the one to fill your needs. Ask Him and see His Providence. Ask according to His perfect will because The Lord knows what is best for you. He is your Keeper. The best place to be is under His shadow. The sheep is safest when they closest to The Shepherd, are able to hear and perceive The Shepherd’s voice and guidance.

Sister M, through the adversity of your life’s circumstances you have come through a victor. (even though you are a depressed one). I say this because I see fruits in your testimony: your humility, contrition, courageous and selfless spirit. But more than this, what The Lord considers most precious is your faith in Him. It was your faith that made you to pray and cry out to Him in your troubles and He answered you with His very present Help by sending His angels and ministering spirits to keep you, your faith made you to perceive His Presence with you and you tasted of His Faithfulness and power. Glory to God for His Hand of salvation upon your life. You are loved and accepted in our Beloved Lord Jesus. Further more, you concluded your message by saying that you are hoping and praying to move on and live for The Lord your God and will guard your heart (not giving it away to any one for it belongs to God alone). Good words, The Lord has heard and is faithful to keep His end of the covenant. You must just keep in the fight of your faith and keep trusting in God for everything. By faith ye stand.

Jesus died to give you life. And life in abundance. Free from sin, from the past and free from the corruption of this world – an eternal and heavenly life that can be experienced while we are yet on the earth. We that believe on Him enter into His rest and are seated with Him in heavenly places. Walk in this newness of His Life. Surrender your burdens to Him, He will bear your burdens and give you His Yoke that is light and easy, His Beauty in exchange for your ashes. Do the trade with Jesus, as I also have and have never looked back. It is a no looking back walk with Jesus. As long as you stay focused on what is ahead (He is coming soon for His Bride) and keep our eyes fixed on The Lord who goes before you to show you the way, you will have the victory over all things. He will lead you unto the very end by His Spirit, just be willing and obedient. Don’t look back, instead, forget the things which are behind, press forward toward the goal of perfection in Him, He will heal you and make you every whit whole. You will find freedom, rest and peace in walking with Him, following Him.

The God of ALL comfort comfort you and His Peace that surpasses all understanding be with you now and always. Abide in Jesus Christ, the Hope of salvation.

The Lord is able to have His Way with us when we are broken before Him, as clay in the Hands of The Master Potter, He will mold us and make us as He will.