Character vs personality

by Esther

God’s Word in effect, makes one to:

Die to his personality. (how he wishes to present himself, social acceptance, the devil as mastermind)

Develop and build character. (truth in the inward man as one walks according to God’s ways in faith and good conscience, fulfulling God’s will)

Ever noticed how easily our behaviour changes in a social setting: this is an evil and weakness of the mind that seeks to fit and adapt to its environment for selfish gain and to meeting the expectations of other men present. This is a an evil thing that the mind does very subtly. This is our personality.

When we spend much time alone with God, His commands will lead us to walk according to a pure heart, and not our minds. We will walk by our love for Him and for others – total disregard for social acceptance, yet for the greater good of all inspite of self. This is character.

We must overcome ego (personality) and walk according to the truth that is in our inward man – spirit.