Counsel of The Holy Spirit

by Esther

It is impossible, IMPOSSIBLE, to truly follow Jesus with a personal agenda of self-life and selfish desires.

At times we can ‘come to Jesus’, at times it is a matter of life and death to ‘RUN TO JESUS.’ The flood of deception is here and sweeping away the multitudes of doubleminded ahalfhearted people. The angels of light are drawing many to their false lights. FLEE from lies and vanity and RUN TO JESUS, guard your temple with the spiritual armour of God. No lie is of the truth. A little leaven leavens the whole lump.

Flee. God gave you two legs and the power of your will to choose. Run from false prophets, run to Jesus. Escape the temptation, by the way God provides for every temptation. The prudent sees danger and hides himself while the foolish will ignore the warning and suffer for it. FLEE FOR YOUR LIFE.

The heart (spirit) is strength and not the mind(flesh). The one who loves Jesus (because he knows Him for real) will love Him above all, and will be the one to endure through to the end to be with Jesus. And not the one who knows about Jesus.

It is not as important to know it all (the truth) than to obey what we know and that that is revealed to us. The more knowledge we have, the more is expected of us to obey. Seek wisdom and understanding that ye may obey the truth.

There is no such thing as powerless christian. A born again child of God is one with tremendous power in Christ. His will is where this power is exercised. He chooses life or death willingly. The truth of the gospel is witnessed in all its power and glory. Faith is spiritual power with God. Walk by faith!

To wilfully resist the devil is just as important as wilfully submitting to God, in Spirit and in Truth. Use your will power to choose God’s will!

The answer to burdens is to lay them down at the feet of Jesus Christ and take up His yoke that is light and easy. This also means to learn from Jesus, to be meek and lowly as Jesus is, lay down all highmindedness and pride of self. AMEN.

You must forsake all to follow Jesus. Lay aside every weight and encumbrance to run the race in patient endurance.