Nobody is good

by Esther

Nobody is good, but our deeds, that which we do, determines where we will end up. If we sin and disobey God we will certainly end up in hell. If we repent, turn away from sin and follow Jesus Christ, we will have eternal life. It is not because you are good, it is because of what you do. If you sin, you are a sinner. If you obey Jesus you are a follower, a disciple of Jesus, He justifies you and you are a saint. If you keep on following Him and endure until the very end, then you will have the crown of life, He will give you eternal life. But you must endure until the very end. Dear friend, you cannot afford one single mistake because that can be fatal.
I used to fly my own aircraft, for more than ten years, but I am not a good pilot. I knew very good pilots, people who could handle an aircraft much better than I can but many of those people died in aircraft accidents because they made ONE FATAL MISTAKE. I survived because I was careful, I didn’t take chances. It depends on how careful you are in your walk with Jesus. If you drive a motor car you must keep that car on the road. If you go off the road once it can cost you your life! ONE SIN CAN COST YOU ETERNITY! One snake bite can kill you, dear friend.
The wages of sin is death. Don’t play with sin! Don’t be reckless. What you do determines where you will end up, by the grace of God. If you keep your eyes on Jesus, He is faithful to carry you through but if you deny Him, if you disown Him He will certainly disown you. Remember dear friend, none of us is good. We must endure, we must deny ourselves, EVERY DAY, pick up our cross and follow Jesus Christ. We must be fruitful for His Kingdom every day. All peach trees look the same but it is the good trees that bear the good fruit. Are you a good tree? Are you bearing good fruit? Are you obeying Jesus Christ. Remember, it is not because you are good, it is because of what you do, that will determine where you end up. We will be judged by our deeds.
May Jesus bless you.
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