God is pure to the pure

by Esther

There are some christians who struggle with pride as if it is an untame beast within themselves. They are also quick to judge others of pride.

The Lord is showing me that there is a place to come to in our walk with Him, where we become so totally emptied of self (total self-disappointment and self-despair) that they become pure in heart and free from the constant judging of themselves and others. Because when they come to this place of emptiness, they are filled with His Holy Spirit and their attention becomes wholly fixed on Him instead of themselves. They become pure like children are pure.

This is a good test to see if oneself is proud in a way that is abominable in God’s eyes (not man’s perspective of what pride is but God’s): your prayers will not be answered, He will not answer you when you call, His Presence will be far from you, and you will strive to follow Him, because as it is written, ‘The Lord resists the proud, but He gives grace to the humble.’

We judge ourselves harshly – that is ok. But when we measure others by the same standards we set for ourselves, or even by our own experience of our walk with The Lord, that is not ok. It is vain.
Because ‘to the pure all things are pure’ and The Lord ‘shows Himself pure to the pure, froward to the froward.’

Many christians are beating themselves up for nothing and also beat others up when others are innocent. Jesus does not care for our judgements that have nothing to do with His Will and purpose for our lives.

Man sees the outward appearance, but God sees (examines) the hearts.

Purify your hearts, know Jesus’ purity and you will also become pure like Him.