Seek and ye shall find

by Esther

We live in a ‘seek and ye shall find’ world. Whatever you want, Satan will gladly give to you, at a cost that you will pay for and cannot escape. He will cause you to pay through gaining some control over your life, through addictions, temptations, and ultimately destruction.

God also told us to seek and that we shall find. This of course means, spiritual things. Sowing to The Kingdom and obedience to His commands.

I woke up to a lie of the devil’s voice telling me to seek perfection – to make no mistakes today. I did not know that it was a lie of the devil until I learnt the lesson of this mistake in my workplace – I made a mistake and someone nearly lost his temper at me and it was but a very small mistake. This person had a history of fault finding with me and others but I have seen victory over this through God’s Spirit leading me out of this snare. And I felt again the same disappointment that I had used to feel in the old days of following the world – days long gone and covered by The blood. I learnt that angels do not dare to tread those paths – paths of destruction. The fear of and seeking of approval of men is a curse and a snare and many devices of satan to make one to give a portion of his self-control to satan. Last night The Lord told me, ‘you choose, I set you free to choose. There is freedom of choice in Me’ The Spirit told me that I made the mistake of trying to be perfect and so that led me to seek the approval of men, which is against the will of God.

God never wants us to be perfectionistic – to make no mistakes, but He wants us to depend on Him to ask Him for help, and acknowledge that we cannot in ourselves do anything without Him.

Thereby He is gloried when we seek and find His Help.

Seek nothing from the world. If you should gain anything, count it as loss.

A bruised reed shall He not break.

I hope you can benefit from my sharing of this experience.

The world wants you to play its game of tug-of-war. God wants you to surrender and let go of the rope. The rope is a tool of devils who govern its play.

Remember: the real world is the inner life of the spirit. If you guard and purify your heart, your outer world will reflect this.