by Esther

Get sober, be viligant. Pray pray pray for God’s grace and help. You cannot do it on your own. If you think you can you are deceived and you are led by your self, and influenced by satanic forces. Recognise that you don’t want to be deceived by self so don’t trust your thoughts or emotions but walk by faith in total dependence and obedience to God, by hearkening to His voice at every step. Stay out of thought realm – analysing and strategising, it is what unbelievers do out of fear and unbelief. You need not follow the way of the world, just trust Jesus to help you, call on His Name, it is as simple as proclaiming, “LORD, help me, I can’t do it, I will trust in Jesus.” The thoughts want to gain ahold of you to ultimately control you and lead you. Take every one captive into the obedience of Christ. The only thoughts that are good are the ones inspired by The Holy Spirit, often these thoughts will show you that you were so wrong, that your judgments were wrong, always humbling to self but exalting your need for Christ.

There is no time to be sleeping or drunken by the pleasures of deceitfulness. Yes, all entertainment is but a tool of satan to get you drunk so you believe all his lies or even just one lie is enough to weaken your spirit, you cannot fight him when your flesh is not crucified, you need to be emptied of your self, the only way is to submit to God to let Him deal with your flesh, He will crucify it by breaking it, by revealing the truth to you, by humbling you.

The humble will receive grace. The humble never get offended. If you still get offended, you have not overcomed your self. Jesus wants you dead to self, to the world, to sin.

Come to Jesus, He will help you get aright and have total victory over sin, self and the devil. It is a privilege of all who follow Christ to have total freedom from bondage that is in the world.