The Kingdom of God waits for no man

by Esther

God will not bend His will and plan for your sake. Rather you make yourself worthy of His Kingdom. God bends for no man, His Word does not change. His Word will not change for any man. You must yield and submit and bend over backwards to obey Him, that is IF, you are truly serious about escaping the impending doom that is to come upon the earth. No man can overcome Truth, just as no man can overcome the gravitational pull of the earth. Change your ways to satisfy The Truth, He will do it in you as long as you are willing, He will not force any man to follow Him. The Kingdom of God waits for no man.

We must discipline our thought life to obey The Truth of God’s Word and not our carnality – human nature. God says in His Word that He has exalted His Word above His Name, He will not suffer His Word to fail. It is the truth that stands through the storms of life. Are we holding fast to His Word for every circumstance? There is no truth neither light in ‘our own understanding’, as God has said that ‘My thoughts are not your thoughts, My Ways are higher than your ways.’…. we must surrender rather than jump to conclusions with God. His saints must go through the fire to be purged and cleansed and made ready for His coming. There is no other way. His Will will be done in all the earth, His Word will be fulfilled, are you going to conform to His Word or you going stay as you are and keeping going with the worldly flow. His Word prevails over all flesh: Obey God and ye shall live.

The world is in a drunken state of unawareness of the spiritual realm. Christians must be sober in spirit, Jesus gave us a cross to carry, which helps us to experience His life, and come to greater sobriety of The Kingdom to come and His will and plan for our lives. Discernment will show you that people are not too different from the time of Sodom and Gormorrha, perhaps the only difference is in their appearance – they appear to be what they are not. Fear of God will keep us sober in a drunken world.