The guidance of The Holy Spirit

by Esther

It is so easy to be self-deceived when one is trusting his own mind. How do we know that we are trusting our own mind? Answer: We are opinionated about certain or many things and are very sure of our judgments.

-Sure of who we are, what we are.
-Sure of who others are, what others are.
-Sure of how God is leading us, that we think we have Him all figured out.

We then base every day decisions upon the above points to stay safe.
We think our lives can be narrowed down into principles for living.

If this were true, God would not have commanded us to be led.
To be hearkening unto His voice.
To be discerning at all times in the spirit.
To lean not on our own understanding.
To submit and surrender to what circumstance that may befall us.
To take every thought captive into the obedience of Christ.

We can clearly see that walking in the spirit is opposed to a set way of doing things – unchangeable and therefore unyielding.

A spiritual man seeks to submit to every direction of The Holy Spirit, choosing rather to trust the guidance of God than his own understanding. He is yielding.

Some distrust that God is able to guide us by His voice – the voice of His Spirit that He has given us. They fear that they will be led astray by other voices.

The LORD is faithful and He will move mountains according to the measure of our faith. We cannot walk with Him if we distrust Him. When we walk according to our own understanding, we are distrusting Him, who is all together trustworthy and faithful to His Word. His Word says He will keep His own, He will be gracious to His own, He will guide His own. They will never lack. They will have a rich spiritual life, in abundance if they will so abide in His commands, which He has given for their good and not for their misery.

The omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent God, who knows us to the very core of our being, more than we know ourselves, will He not safely lead His people into the promised land if they so desire to be led by Him? This is the desire of God – to lead His people into life and not death and destruction. If only His people would trust and obey Him!

I have come to realise that it is easy to be self-deceived when I am opinionated. I may not express my opinions but I am inwardly guided by my opinions about certain things I have formed an opinion about. The LORD has shown me so many times that my thoughts which lead to conclusions were wrong and far from the truth of it. He shows me when I ask of Him. He does not show me when I trust in my own understanding.

The golden rule is this: God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble. The proud are the ones who trust in their selves – their opinions. God does not care for their opinions. If they are not hearkening to His voice and having faith in His spoken Word then they cannot expect to receive of His guidance. He cannot guide goats, He leads the sheep. Sheep are needy of a Shepherd to guide them. Goats prefer to wander off by their own selves.

It comes down to pride.(self) What we think, what we know (think that we know), what we are sure of.

Faith is not to be sure of anything of self. Faith is leaning upon the all knowing and all wise God. Faith is sure of GOD, not self.
One can fully entrust himself to the guidance of God when he realises that ‘without Him, he can do nothing.’ One who realises this will then be needy of God and continally humble himself before God and to receive His grace to overcome all things.

Be guided by The Holy Spirit, be free of your own opinions. They are hindering you from hearing The voice of God in your spirit. They are straining out His Voice in your spirit. Know His voice, hearken unto His voice so you can obey in the spirit, and you will find that God is faithful and true and He keep us by His guidance.