God unimpressed by faithless works

by Esther

God is not impressed with the sinless christian,
neither is He impressed with the sinning ‘christian’.

He is pleased with them that show their faith by their obedience to His WORD.

Because God is The Righteous Judge, He sees beyond appearances into the hearts of men, He judges not according to the outward appearance.

All fearfulness is sin, that needs to be repented of.
All faithlessness is sin, that needs to be repented of.

All sin is disobedience in God’s eyes. Disobedience to the command of trusting Him and believing on Him.

Big sin / little sin? All sin is the same in the eyes of God: unbelief in Him: a result of not walking by faith in Jesus.

Faithlessness does not please God. Nor the half-hearted uncheerful giver. The fearful (cowards) will not enter into The Kingdom. Only the overcomers will stand with Jesus on that Day. Make no moves if not of faith or if unsure. Wait patiently on God for His direction.

God wants and tests our faith, He does not only judge the work but He weigheth the spirits. He wants our faith and trust to be the motivating factor of our obedience. God knows the intents of our hearts. He knows when we are pondering in our hearts whether or not we can trust Him fully. It grieves Him.

A life that pleases God begins by faith and total dependence on Him. It is not an outward ‘form of godliness that denies His power’. God desires truth in the truth in the inward man: He is looking to see if there be any who is walking in the truth of what He has revealed to them in their spirit.

The humble will receive grace. The humble continually depend on Him by genuine faith in Him.