I stopped ‘wilfully sinning’…

by Esther

When I discovered that it was not ‘sin’ that was the problem in my life but rather my distrust in God.

When I stopped fighting the ‘defeated foe’ (sin) [sin shall have no dominion over you (me) because we are not under the law but under grace…]

and started believing that Jesus keeps me from falling, I stopped striving in my flesh.

When I stopped striving in my flesh, I began to find joy and peace and rest in The Holy Spirit by submitting to God and being led by His Holy Spirit.

[The mind of the Spirit is life and peace]

It is not The Holy Spirit who makes us sin-adverse. It is The Holy Spirit who draws us nearer to The all-consuming Presence of God and takes our focus off sin/the devil/self and onto Jesus Christ and His Kingdom within us. When we are continually filled by His Presence and His Holy Spirit, we change. We become spiritual, we don’t want the things that corrupt our spirits or our bodies (flesh). And we overcome by His Spirit.

Praise The LORD for His Ways are not our ways and He never meant for us to serve Him by our own strength but He has promised to be our Strength (perfect strength of God) in all our weaknesses and inabilities.

This is how I stopped ‘wilfully sinning’………. by walking in The Spirit.