‘Extreme Makeover’ (I will do anything to become beautiful)

by Esther

The world does extreme makeover – on appearance!

God does EXTREME MAKEOVER – inside and out! An extreme transformation from ‘ugly ducking’ to ‘beautiful swan’, if only His Bride knew just why He is doing what He is doing with and in their lives. They will be joyfully desiring the end and also the process! And will not be sulking at their current appearance and (which will not be for long!)

God is doing an extreme makeover in His true bride. The Marriage of all marriages – with The Bridegroom of all Bridegrooms! Of course The Bride has to be TOP-NOTCH, the most stunning beauty inside and out so that she is worthy of Him – (they will be a perfect match)!

God will do an extreme makeover upon her and she will be stunningly beautiful at the end of His workmanship, perfect and ready for the wedding day. Sadly not all His Bride know that they are going through a ‘makeover’ – a beautifying transformation, they only know what they are going through is ‘extreme’! If only they knew this ‘secret’ of God! Ah these foolish virgins, they don’t know what is good for them and they are ‘biting the hand that is helping them!’

Do they want to be made ready for The Wedding Day and Marriage, OR NOT!

But The wise virgins have been told this secret, and many more secrets of The LORD, because they have been closely following and fellowshiping with The LORD, loving Him and obeying Him, and He tells them just what He is doing with their lives, and why He has to do it so extremely, that the end He desires in them is to make all the lacking parts abundant and perfect lacking in nothing! Because they have know this ‘secret’, they are able to rejoice in all His Ways! They have also taken their focus off of their selves (their image) and are focusing on His Hand working at them, they are eagerly seeing His Hand making perfect the parts of them that are imperfect and what a joy it is when the part is made new and perfect in them! So they joyfully submit to His Hand upon their lives. They do not get discouraged because the workmanship of God is ‘extreme’… because they have decided that they will go through anything to be become beautiful, to become perfect, for their Bridegroom and Husband……

If only the secret has been told the foolish virgins… but they are too busy looking into their selves and into their own inabilities. It is not Him that they are looking unto…

Only be looking unto Me, and I will sustain you (meet your needs.)
The LORD is my Shepherd, I shall have no lack.