Your true enemy

by Esther

your enemy is not ‘difficult’ people.

your enemy is not the ‘difficult’ situations/environment.

your enemy is not the ‘difficult’ lifestyle you lead.

Your enemy is the spirit of fear you have.

Your enemy is the spirit of fear you have of dealing with people you perceive as ‘difficult’.

Your enemy is the spirit of fear you have of difficult situations and environments.

Your enemy is the spirit of fear you have of your self life. Your fear of not being able to sustain yourself by yourself and for yourself.

Jesus came to set us free from self. Thereby delivering us from the fear of death by His death and His Life in us to overcome our lives in our selves.

He came to adopt sons of God unto His Spirit. So that we overcome the spirit of fear (which comes from serving self) by the the spirit of love. His LOVE.

The self has many enemies… that are all rooted in fear and from the desire to preserve self-life.

In Christ, there is no such thing as self-life, rather self-death. Death to self, death to serving self, death to preserving self. It is a life of pouring out self unto death for the sake of Christ, to follow just what Christ did, by pouring out His life and blood on the Cross to redeem us.

Do you see? The self is the enemy.

Because your self is the boss, fear rules over you. Fear controls your selfish actions.

But if Christ rules over you, He is boss and the fear is rendered unto Him, He fills you with His Love that casts out all fear and selfishness… He fills you with His Life. So you no longer walk in your shoes, but His footsteps…

What a glorious deliverance ! Thank The LORD from delivering you (and me) from the evil self that causes us to fear for our lives. We don’t want to live in fear anymore, it is not the life that God wants us to live in abundance, so He has given us all we need to overcome this evil.

Be emptied of self, be filled with His Holy Spirit.
Cast off self, put on Christ.

Fear will flee.

Christ will take care of the rest.