Stress is not from God

by Esther

Fretting, worrying, frustration are not from God.

They are the result of walking in the flesh.

The ‘old man’ of unbelief loves to fret, worry and be frustrated.

The ‘old man’ loves to focus on his pain, his problems, his unfortunate circumstances. The ‘old man’ wants sympathy and attention, so it can continue its existence. He will whine and complain to justify its existence. It is reasonable. (Reason is not of faith, it is carnal and of the flesh – ‘old man’)

The ‘spirit man’ does not entertain the wiles of the ‘old man’, the ‘spirit man’ is gentle and easy to entreat, kind to a fault, gracious and compassionate, he is patient and is never stressed out. His peace is of God and he loves peace more than anything. His joy is of God and he finds strength in the joy that God blesses him with. He never allows circumstances to get him down. He never rises up in retaliation. He fights by keeping his faith and letting God undertake for his situation through surrender and submission. He simply ‘stands and see the salvation of God’ and he stands in faith and sees satan fleeing from him in 7 ways. He abides in the rest of God. Evil report does not move him, he knows nothing is in his own control and everything is a test from God, to see if ‘spiritual man’ will turn his back on God, turn back to the ‘old man’ of unbelief.

Stress is not from God. If you find your self stressing out in order to fulfil the commands of God, boy, you have not got the grace of God that He gives to all who exercise faith in Jesus Christ.

He also gives grace to the humble.

The humble are they who surrender all to Him, they don’t say “I can do it’ rather ‘I can’t do it, God’s going to do it for me, I trust Him.’

Remember the old saying, ‘sighing is not good for the soul’.

We are not meant to do the works of God by our own strength, by our own breath. It is a supernatural spiritual strength, that comes from total dependence and leaning upon The One who empowers and strengthens him.

God will not strengthen the strong. The strong are the ones who think they are strong (they have not realised they are feeble folk)..

God will not strengthen them who don’t wait upon Him and look to their own understanding (reasoning). They that wait upon Him shall renew their strength: they shall mount up with wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.

Stress is the result of fear and the reaction to fear which is to control one’s life.

Peace is the result of faith and the response to faith which is to rest and surrender to God’s control.

Ah, what a great way to live without any disturbance no matter the circumstance!

It is God’s grace. Thank Him if you have come to this state of your walk with Him, if you haven’t, you need to come to terms with your unbelief in Him, and not justify your fears.

Fear is not from God.

Fear is being overcomed by evil (satan).

God wants us to overcome all.
He has made us to overcome through Jesus.