In resistance is pain

by Esther

Let go, surrender, don’t resist evil. When the storms are around you, make no plans and no moves, as you submit to God and be still, He will keep you in perfect peace right in the eye of the storm.

Resist satan (his devices to cause you to disobey God) but never never never resist the evil that men do to do because then you will miss out on God’s anointing which will be pouring out upon you in the presence of your enemies. When the anointing falls upon you, every yoke is broken by the power of God, the yoke of the assyrian is no more, because you have passed the test by enduring the afflictions and choosing to carry the cross.

The anointing is what we need, not the escape from our enemies. Overcoming all we shall rule and reign with Jesus.

Submit to God, resist satan and he will flee from you.

Turn the other cheek and when you do the anointing will fall upon you and your enemies (the demons) will flee 7 ways.

A sign you are a true christian, is that your enemies flee, not because you oppress them but God oppresses them on your behalf.

If you oppress them you will not receive the grace and anointing of God, and satan want you to do just that – to fail the test of endurance and patience so you can overcome in Christ.

Christians don’t fight in the flesh, they war in spirit against their own flesh and submit them selves to God.

Therefore they never need to fear.