Under God’s anointing or under the yoke of the Assyrian

by Esther

Obedient children of God abide under the anointing, they are covered in Christ.

Disobedient children of God remain under Pharoah’s yoke.

Examples of Pharoah’s yoke: fear of the disapproval of man, fear of losing one’s life and possessions, the fear of what harm man can do to oneself.

Faith leads us into God’s rest, a place of God’s provision of grace sufficient for all things that we may need to overcome. The anointing breaks every bondage of satan, every yoke laid upon by the cruel taskmaster of THE LAW. All are under the law and this yoke, except for those who by faith are walking in the Spirit.

How to abide under His anointing?
Obey His voice and walk according to His guidance. Being steadfast in your faith in Jesus. Remember it is all Him when you humble yourself down to zero. Recognise that your ‘self’ is useless and must go to the cross. Your spirit is empowered by God and effective for His Will and purpose.

1. Humble your self before God.
2. Deny self take up the cross, walk as Jesus walked. Obedient unto death.

Nothing can overcome a servant of God who abides under His anointing. It is spiritual hedge and protection of God. The key: HUMILTY. TRUE HUMILITY. WALK IN REPENTANCE. WALK IN HUMILTY. KNOW THAT YOUR BOAST IS ONLY THE GRACE OF GOD UPON YOU. NOT THAT YOU ARE GOOD OR WORTHY………….. (These things most christians fail to realise and so fail to overcome satan….)

One cannot quote scripture and expect to be the scripture he quoted.
He must BE (OBEY) the scripture he is able to quote. He must decide that for the scripture to be true, he must bend over backwards in submission for the truth to become part of his inner man… not by his own strength but by God’s grace. And God gives grace to them who humble themselves…. do you see the connection? If you are willing (have faith), God will do it in you. If you are unwilling (no faith), God will not do it in you. He cannot go against His Word or His Ways. He cannot force you. No man can twart your will. God can if He wants to but He won’t. He wants you to do it because you want to, not because you have to… He is a gracious and benevolent God, and infinite in His wisdom.

Is it going to take tremendous self control and discipline? YES ABSOLUTELY. Not the kind that comes from mind-behaviour modification, but The Holy Spirit. It is going to take much carrying of the cross (suffering) to become perfect in Christ. In Jesus’ footsteps.

Recognise now that all this is going to take tremendous spiritual strength that cannot be found in self.

It is going to be God’s GRACE – His provision and empowerment, His strength manifesting through our weaknesses…….

Realising this will lead you to surrender more and more of your life unto Him, to seek His Face and to know what and how He wants you to walk…… it is the narrow road, you cannot walk without His guidance at every step, you need to spend much time in His Presence, no time for selfish agendas… all passions must be crucified. It is a matter of life or death in your spirit. The whole world is following other spirits, you must beware and come away and set yourself apart to hear from The Holy Spirit that you may follow in Jesus’ footsteps……

Be filled with Holy Spirit. How? Pray pray pray don’t stop communing with God in your heart as you pass by each moment of your day, His Presence over you is your hiding place.