by Esther

Some have no joy in their walk with God because they have not realised that it is all Jesus and His work in them who believe by walking by faith.

They have not realised that from start and to the finish it is Jesus and His Spirit working in them and not of their own strength in following Jesus.

They are in the ‘Martha mode’, focused on what they are doing for Him, rather than ‘Mary mode’ focused on what The LORD is doing for them. 

When they should be rejoicing and resting in the joy of their salvation, they are heaving sighs of relief.

They have no joy.

And it is no wonder.

Joy comes from knowing (heart-faith) that Jesus enables us and empowers us and He is faithful to His sheep to care for them.

Sighs of relief comes from relying on one’s own strength and ability to follow Jesus, focused on ‘performing for God’ rather than ‘depending on God’ to perform His work in them. 

Spiritually speaking, that is. Only the spiritually discerned understand the meaning of this message.

God bless you.