Another perspective

by Esther

From the perspective of an unbelieving person.

The LORD’s judgment is upon him. He suffers torment of his mind (he does not recognise it as his desires deceives him). He is in bondage to the things that he cannot resist ie desires and passions of the flesh. He cannot control his emotions. ie anger, sorrow, hatred, bitterness is his emotional battle he constantly finds himself losing. He is afflicted by many demonic spirits. He serves them by giving in to his lusts. Because he serves them, he has no will power of his own. He makes decisions that bring him only more pain, sorrow or emptiness into his soul. He has no victory over his own perspectives – he thinks that all his thoughts are true and reality. His thoughts are filled with fear and are without hope. He cannot stand to be alone by himself for his spirit is weak and cannot fight against the demonic forces. The more he gives in to his flesh, the stronger these demonic forces gain ahold of his life. He trusts in man, and so he is ensnared by the many men who he has put his confidence in. He trusts one and the one betrays him, he is crushed. He trusts another and the another one betrays him and he is devastated. He decides to depend on his own self. He tries and tries and tries harder and although he succeeds more times than he fails, every failure is a wound to his pride. The successes make him more proud, more abominable to God, and further from God’s grace. His pride takes control of him. With pride, fear, anger, and all the negativity that comes with pride begin to contol him. He becomes more jaded. He suffers more tormnent of his soul. He can no more think rationally. He seeks an escape of his mind because of the mental anguish that he suffers. More drunkenness, more partying, more carnality in hope to numb himself. He cannot face himself because of his sins and his guilty conscience separates him from sensing the love of God for him.

1. He cries out for help. He cries out to God. And God hears him and is merciful to him and delivers him.

2. He continues on his vicious cycle, denying all that he is tormented with and seeks to fill his life with a different kind of bondage and torment.

This is the life of every unbeliever.

There is one who is worse off that he – the one who is not tormented and has no opportunity to cry out to God in all his torment.

The judgment of God is His Mercy.

Repent ye sinners. Repent ye sinning christians. The LORD wants to save you from your sins. The LORD wants you to cry out to Him for help in your torment of soul. He is full of compassion for you. He cannot force you to come to Him. You must with all that is in you make that decision.

May we have compassion on the unsaved