My pleasure

by Esther

Dear child of God, you are so blessed! God has not only blessed you with the gift of Jesus Christ but He has also gifted you His Kingdom that is within you! Are you living inside His Kingdom now? His Kingdom is in righteousness, peace and joy of The Holy Ghost! (no matter what the physical realm circumstances, you are no longer there, you are no longer subject to its forces, you have been given the escape route into This Kingdom that is within you, you can stay there as long as you will abide in Jesus Christ!) Don’t be affected by things of the world or cares of earthly life, they are nothing and will be made nothing. You need nothing of the world but just to abide in Jesus Christ who is THE SOURCE of your spiritual existence. If then you abide in His Kingdom, then you are abiding in His righteous and peace and fullness of joy and pleasures of God’s glorious Presence in you and in your life……

How blessed are we to walk as children of God who only need to look unto our ABBA FATHER for what we need!

Our service to God is no longer a duty rather it is a pleasure! Glory to God.