Rejoice as free men!

by Esther

Where freedom is there is joy!

Joy unspeakable and full of glory!

Dear child of God, is there joy of The Lord in you?

If there isn’t, you do not know the grace of God!

The grace of God that you can stand there in in liberty for it was for liberty that Christ made and set us free!

Free from the rudiments and customs of the world (Assyrian) which is a great and heavy burden to all men.

There is freedom in Christ! You must receive His grace to experience this freedom.

Then only can you have abundant of Joy which is your strength.

Rejoice rejoice children of God, rejoice in Jesus being the Author and Finisher of your faith.

Rejoice in Jesus being more than able to finish the work He has started in you!

Rejoice in Jesus’ being able to keep you unspotted and blameless until you see Him!.

Rejoice in Jesus’ being able to supply all that you need to get through today, this moment and the next!

Rejoice in that you only need to look unto Him, not your self or to any other man, that He alone is sufficient!

Rejoice in The LORD always and again I say, rejoice!