So many spirits but just one Holy Spirit

by Esther

There are so many spirits that are leading people in these end times. In appearance they may seem alike, but they are not.
And there is no spirit like The Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is God-interested. Other spirits are self-interested. The Holy Spirit never leads us to selfish interests, it always thinks on the greater good of all people – the will of God. It always seeks to glorify God and humble man. Many times it is just so that man is blessed. For God resists the proud man but gives grace to the humble man…….. to bless us He must first break us…….

Just one Holy Spirit has been gifted us to teach us all the truth and guide us all the way to the end of days. Just one Holy Spirit is the spirit of love and of power and of a sound mind.

Are you walking in The Holy Spirit and in demonstration of God’s love and God’s power?

If you are, all who are watching you will be blessed by you, giving glory to God.