by Esther

Hello brothers/sisters in Christ ; visitors of this blog:

I have not written for many months now and this is how The LORD has been leading me.

I want to send Christ’s love and my blessings to you by this post.

Jesus is coming soon: let not your heart be troubled by the things of this earth or the destruction that is to come. Jesus wants us to abide in Him by keeping His commandments: 1. Love your God with all that there is in you 2. Love your neighbour as you love yourself.

God will give you grace if you would ask of Him and depend on Him for His Help, not relying on your own strength.

God is good and faithful; His Word never fail.

He will bless you abundantly as you keep your covenant with Him through obeying His Spirit that wants to lead and guide you.

Don’t fear any thing or person but fear God for He is always always always in control of all things and the MASTERMIND.

He will be gracious to the humble; He will be merciful to them that show mercy to their trespassers.

God will work all things out for your good; no matter what you have been through; all your experiences will testify of the reality of Jesus – the power of the gospel in your life, and bring glory and praise to God.

Only abide in Jesus, He is The Living Word in you and with you to lead you and guide you. Seek and inquire of Him, pray unceasingly and always and He will undertake for all your needs according to His perfect will.

He knows best. He only gives the best to His children, for God is a Good Father.

I love you all in Jesus’ Name.