Is God glorified in our spirit ?

Seek to glorify God. We must bring glory to Him in everything we do, every word we say, every action we make. It must first start from the smallest and most mundane things in our everyday livelihood, God must be glorified in them as we walk in them seeking first His pleasure and His glory and His approval.

God must and will be glorified through all things small and great. We must bring glory to Him from our inner life of the spirit first, then the things we do for Him.

God judges our deeds and weighs our spirits in the balances (may we not be found wanting in the balances!)
By fire He shall try, test and prove of what they (our works) are made of. These may be good works but they are not of the same substance and so will not receive the same honor. Some may be wood, clay, iron, silver or the most honorable – gold. God will purify our works even as gold is purified in the fiery furnace. Works of the flesh will not withstand the fire. God will recompense unto every man, justly and righteousnessly. If we seek anything at all for our own sake, we are not seeking to glorify Him but our selves.

God must be glorified in our spirit. When we are not busy doing anything, our spirit alone must be acceptable unto Him. We must worship in our spirit alone according to and in all The Truth given unto us. His Spirit shall lead our spirit, through our faith, to perform the works that are approved by God.

The Holy Spirit shall lead us to have the right attitude / intention that proceeds from a pure and humble heart that loves and fears God.

If we only seek His glory, we will be certain of the death of our self-lives and Christ’s life will manifest and His glory will be seen in us. If we only seek to glorify God, it is for a certainty that our selves will be broken / made lowly. Christ-like. We must no more look upon our selves or look at others but to the mark that is Our Lord Jesus, and commiting all things to God who judgeth righteously. It does not matter the approval of any other person but God. God’s approval is sufficient to satisfy and bless our souls.

Firstly, we need to make sure, is God glorified by the way we present our bodies to Him (to the world)? Even as we are commanded to present them as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, and that is our reasonable service. Our bodies are His Temple and the dwelling place of His Holy Spirit. It must first start from honoring our own bodies as God’s and not ours. We must keep our selves pure, from the defilements of body and spirit, even as God is able to preserve and purify us from these things.

God is glorified by the words we say and also the words we do not say. God is glorified every time that we hold our peace when we are reviled, threatened not when we suffer. God is glorified through our suffering for and with Christ, through us willingly taking up and carrying our crosses, following in the way of Jesus. Every time that we resist suffering, we deny Him. We must not be a people who honor God with lip service but are not with our hearts.

Live every day as a surrendered life and vessel unto God, He is faithful to establish our thoughts and order our steps and lead us to do all that is of His will and good pleasure.